Monday, 25 June 2012

talking in pictures

I have a new love. Its there when you need it, It is really pretty and makes me want to create even prettier things. Picture social networks!
Ok so Pinterest and Instagram aren't new but as an (sucky) android user I have only just been allowed to assess this wonder and yes I was on the mailing list to know the day I could join.
As well as instagram I am in love with Pinterest.
Its something I've done for years on my own anyway. I've always had an inspiration folder that I'd put photos  I liked and I always stick and rip things out of magazines to keep me inspired. So instagram and pinterest have just combined my old loves with a fantastic ingredient , laziness. Now I have a constant stream of fantastic art work and beautiful photos to keep me excited.
Long like the photo stream!!

Parasol I love you

OK, I sneakily bought one of my 'must have' items on holiday....a Chinese parasol :D
 I love it and want to carry it everywhere but especially on holiday. It was the perfect excuse to take some pictures 

Mr Photographer

I have recently had the luck to have my photo taken by the amazing Mr B. He has some how managed to get some photos of me that I don't want to throw away and burn . He is my therapy as he has forced me to be in front of the camera.

So here are the results