Monday, 28 October 2013

Things That I Really Don’t Like That Everyone Else Seems To Like.

I really try to see what all the fuss is about Macaroons

I saw this fantastic post on one of my favourite blogs SometimesSweet
I can completely sympathies with the stigma of not liking the things everyone else is talking about. When I love something I love it with every part of my being so I feel really odd when I don’t like something the world has put it’s stamp on.

Here are a few things that I’m not a fan of:

Pumpkin flavoured things ……(I’m with Danielle on this one, but it’s mainly because us British aren’t a pumpkin nation)
Jelly Beans
Anime or Manga
Aniseed or Licorice
Red Wine
Tea …….(this is the most sacrilegious one for a British person and I am scared to tell my friends sometimes from the rage they show me)
Reality TV
R&B music
Nicholas Cage
Mash potato

It’s really odd to me how some people can love something with such a passion where as I’m just sat around going ‘meh’!

What about you guys? What do you like to loath?

Have a good week lovely people xxx

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Don't go to default

Young Love
I found this speech given by David Foster Walace and it made me really sad.

It's a speech highlighting how easy it is to be negative by default. It is telling people to try and make kindness your default.

I use to think like this everyday (I was more Disney character than human being). I use to try and see the best in every person and situation but as work days got longer and I got older (and the kids I teach made me want to rip my hair out) , impatience and frustration did become my default and I do think we allow ourselves to just drift into default mode.

This has been happening to me so much over the last few years. I'll get annoyed at someone walking to close to me in the subway. I'll be angry and the person talking on their phone and I'll become actually angry and someone who makes me detour on my path as I walk to work, how very dare they cross my path! These things have added up to the point I'm angry at myself and a little scared i'm only a few days away from becoming an evil villan who steals childrens candy.

This speech is insightful and brilliant. If you have a few minutes I suggest you have a listen. It reminds us that every person around us has their own problems. Each one of us is dealing with stress and different life frustrations so maybe I should see people as people instead of barriers.

I use to be the person that would say a bad driver probably had an emergency to get to or the person on the phone talking loudly was excited because maybe they hadn't spoke to their friend in years. I want to think more like this again and I think this speech is really inspiring.

We are all just people. We have bad days and good days. Don't let your mind default to annoyance.


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Downton’s back!!!!!

Downton Abbey Series 4 trailer released

Living in Korea can sometimes feel like a million miles from home. This has never been truer that today when I discovered that one of my favourite shows ‘Downton abbey’ has returned to the British shores. I spent a long time avoiding it as I’m not one for period dramas but oh my I fell in love!
My vintage fetish is normally for the 40’s and 50’s but the more I research and look at different eras the bigger my love grows. I’m already falling in love with the 60’s, 30’s and 20’s so Downton abbey only fueled the fire.

It makes me want to drink tea, dress like a sophisticated lady and be in love.

Anyway I’m already caught up with the two episodes and I eagerly await the rest.
It’s lovely to have you back ladies and gentlemen.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

London Calling

LondonLately Ive been dreaming of London. Korea is a fabulous place but London has always felt like home and Im just missing it.
In December I have almost confirmed some holiday and I cant wait to go back and see everything and my family.
My family is all in Wales but I am making sure to take a few sneaky days to get reacquainted with one of my favourite cities.
The rough plan is:
. Hair cut and dyed blonde at Rockalilly cuts
Perfect vintage hair. Love the make up.
Something like this I hope!

. Clothes shop at Vivian of Holloway and Collectif (sigh so much prettiness!!)
Dietrich Swing Trench 0
. Lunch at Konditor and cook
Corner Shop, Konditor and Cook, Roupell St, SE1 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
. A wander around the national gallery and waterloo
. Savoy for a sneaky celebration cocktail before getting glammed up
. Then its off to my favourite bar in the world Gilbert Scotts for a jubilee cocktail and some free BBQ popcorn (sounds disgusting but its heaven).
. Proud Cabaret (of course!)
And ending the night at best piano club in town (but Im not telling you where that is as its small and my secret!)

The perfect day. The only thing that could make it better would be to sneak on the wheel as Ive never fancied going on it for some reason, until I left of course and now its on my list of to do.
 Gilbert Scott’s Rhubarb and Ginger Sour #cocktail #recipe #fridayclubProud Cabaret Brighton. Dining and Entertainment venue
The chances of this happening are slim to none since I have a lot of family and friends to see in Wales plus maybe a sneaky trip to Edinburgh to see my brother and his gorgeous finance but a vintage girl can dream.