Thursday, 29 November 2012

Liebster Award

I was extremely excited recently to get a message from the lovely Retro Mum  who has a lovely blog 'La Vie En Rose'
She nominated me for a Liebster award which made my day. This is just a little hobby that I wish I could devote more time to so getting messages make me so happy as I didn't realise any one but me was listening to my ramblings.
Her blog 'La Vie En Rose'' (which is one of my favourite songs) is an inspiring read with beatiful insights and pictures to match.

Here are the rules of the award:

1) Link and follow the blogger who awarded you
2) Blog about the award
3) Give the award to five others (preferably with less than 200 followers)
4) Answer the 11 questions I've asked at the bottom of this post, and then give 11 of your own to the bloggers you've awarded!
So those are the rules. There are few things more insightful than answering questions. It makes you always consider such strange things you've maybe not thought about for a long time. 
 1.) When did you start collecting vintage pieces and why?

I like most, fell into a love of vintage. I stood back from my wardrobe one day to realise all the items I was buying were high street copies of other eras. While my friends got inspiration from modern television and magazines, I was drawn to smokey bar singers and 50's movie starlets. Once I moved to London I realised there were actually places that made these clothes intentionally and since then my wallets been lighter. Places such as Collectif and Vivian of Holloway make me feel like a lady but I am already craving real vintage items. I'm only a beginner but I am loving every second of finding my feet.

2.) What reactions do you get from others when you are out dressed to the nines?

I'm from a tiny town in Wales where you get looked at funny if you don't buy something from the three shops on the high street. This isn't something I noticed until I went home last christmas in low key 50's clothes and people looked at me like I was in fancy dress. This , suprisingly, doesn't bother me too much and I do mean suprisingly since I use to be the most nervous and insecure person around. Vintage clothes and hair make me feel like a lady and make me feel i've finally found my place in the world. I walk with more confidence and feel on top of the world. In London I get nothing but lovely comments. If you have confidence I think people react off it. 

  3.) Who is your favorite designer of the 40's - 60's?
 Jaques Fath is king. The mission is to own one of his dresses.
4.) How do you describe your style?
 Lazy days I normally go for Kookie Preppy Geek but if I want a little boost I will go for Vintage Glamour. 40's, 50's and recently a love of early 60's is my favourite. 

5.) What type of other hobby's do you have?
I am a Animator and Writer by trade so lots of drawing and scribbling goes with the job but I am also addicted to film and television (HBO especially). Recently I have gotten into Roller Derby. Its something I'd love to be part of but I may be the most accident prone person without wheels on my feet. 

6.) Do you have a favorite place to shop online or local?
Local is normally where I shop. As mentioned before , I love Vivian of Holloway and Collectif but Camden and London have so many lovely little boutiques to shop in. Now I just need to money to go with it.

7.) What are your go-to vintage pieces in your wardrobe?
My black boned halter neck dress is a recent favourite but I also love my WKD garter and stockings. They make every day feel fancy
8.) What is your signature lip color?
This is my lip colour. Rockalily Rockette Red. Unfortunatly Ree Ree , the lady who makes it has opened a fantastic hair salon so isn't selling lots of it anymore but you can still pick some up if you go to the website or go to the shop.

9.) What pinup or starlet are you most like or you look up to as inspiration?
Its always upset me that I look nothing like any celebrity. As a young girl I added this up to mean I didn't look pretty. I think when I started wearing lipstick and wearing my hair in curls I was slightly hiding behind it all but in the end it became me. 
The ladies I look up to are:
Grace Kelly

  Dita Von Tease
Betty Page

Zooey Dechanel
and although we all love her, its for a good reason.
Miss Monroe

 10.) What is your favorite perfume or fragrance?
I love Perfume!!! I love going on smelling spree's. Right now its a mix between jean paul gaultier, Jimmy Choo and Flower by Kenzo. I will experiment until I have a baby and then pick one. I want my baby to recognise my smell.

  11.) What beauty look from the era do you love the most? Hairstyles, moon mani, seamed stockings, etc.
Toss up between the hair (rolled up do is my everyday wear but my hair refuses to let me curl it) and seamed stockings. I love them. In fact I love it all: pencil skirts, lipstick, heels. Its all to pretty to leave out. 

Phew that was an epic answering session . What lovely questions.

The bloggers I would like to give this award to are:

And my questions are:
1) What was it that made you love vintage glamour?
2) Who is your fashion crush and why?
3)  What is your favourite piece of clothing or item in your wardrobe?
4)  What is your favourite film?
5) What makes your feel like a lady? 
6) What is your Signature Cocktail?
7) If you could have any job, what would it be?
8) For all those vintage new comers , what tips and tricks have you learnt about make up/clothing/style?
9) Favourite place in the world?
10) Who would your dream dinner guest be (dead or alive)?
11) What is your favourite Era?
Thank you again to the lovely Retro Mum and also to The War Bride as I was a little stuck for questions and borrowed some from them. 


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Happy Feet

One important lesson i'm learning more and more as I get older is the importance of wonderment.
I am lucky enough to know that wonderment makes every day better.
My mum use to randomly put music on as loud as possible in the living room, Michael Jackson or any musical song was our favourite, and we would dance like no one was watching.

We would jive, jump and happily jig about for hours. If we weren't dancing we were singing on the top of our lungs (our poor neighbours)
This sadly faded in my teenage years when I become so painfully aware of other peoples opinions.
In fact I'm ashamed to say that a few times as a grumpy teenager I would walk away embarresed from my mum's dancing at family partys.

One day in university I think something snapped inside of me and the childlike love of dance suddenly hit me like a brick wall. Unfortunatly only I had it so I had to lead the way with my friends and invent the 'I can embarres you more' dance game. Which is hilerious drunk or sober.
It occured to me recently that all of my friendship groups are great dancers. Let me clarify that by saying that to me a great dance is someone that goes crazy and pulls the more ridiculous moves possible.
But no matter how silly they will always be the best memories with my friends.
Its been a while since i've had one of these nights and while walking through a london train station recently I was stuck by the urge to break into song. Just to see what would happen.
Obviously I didn't but I just wish the world had more sparkle in it sometimes.

 Nearer christmas the importance of enjoying every small moment is crucial. The small wonders in life are what keep us going. Which is why things such as Instagram and Pinterest make me so happy. It makes everyone aware of the small things.
Other things you should embrase and try to be a part of or watch as much as possible include:
. Flash mobs
.Singing at any occasion (older and cheesier the song the better)
.Dancing like no ones watching
.Getting dressed up for no good reason.
.Drinking from champagne flutes as much as possible (even if its just appletizer in it)
. Make a meal look pretty
.Wear those heels
.The muppets!

This weekend is my first christmas gathering. A 4 course meal and a dance with my mum and sister. We all couldn't be more excited.
So moral of this random post.
Always dance as you will always remember the times you danced and if its silly then it will always be more fun.
So here is a little man that is the leader of the pack when it comes to having a good time.
Take it away Kermit