Friday, 27 September 2013

Tokyo, I heart you.

What can I say about Tokyo? Simply put, it felt like home.
That isnt too say it felt like South Wales because two countries have never been further from each other but it did feel like my London. I only lived in London for two and a half years but every moment of it was amazing.
London as a city has life and is relaxed at the same time. Its a confident place that feels like its grown up over time. It feels like a city thats had its crazy teenage stage and is content in its late 20s.
Tokyo felt the same. Shops looked like they were established; people knew where they were going and had confidence in how long they needed to get there. The buildings were old but stupidly clean and you could see the pride its residence had in their home.
I fell in love the second we stepped onto the subway.
The airport was a throw back to the 70s. As my friend put it its what we thought the future would look like in the 70s which is a perfect description. Coming from super doper modern Seoul airport to this little concrete building was a bit of a shock but then we got the subway and hit real Tokyo.
Ive heard people complain about the Tokyo skyline but for me it looked like it was designed. Each building was well spaced and picturesque. IT was more like a lovely painting than something I believed was in front of me.

I liked it but the quirks of the city and its people are what made me fall head over heels.
Their individual style and differing personalities made every subway journey a new adventure. The cos-play kids blew my mind with their detailed costumes and the hipster crowd was elegant in their tailored suits. There were even a few old men in Hawaiian shirts that made my day.
Korea is still in its very first steps of economical boom so its hard to judge but in Korea people have more of a group mentality. A trend is done by everyone and I mean everyone, men, woman, children and teens. There are a lot of similar looking people on the streets. Korean woman are stunning so they are dressed in clothes that enhance this but it was nice to look at someone and know a little about them from their attire.

I wont bore you with the actual ins and outs but lets say there was good food, amazing sights and a lot of fun had. Sumo is something Id recommend to everyone. It involves a lot of pageantry but it was fascinating and a throw back to exactly how it would have been a 100 years ago (apart from woman could watch obviously).

I did drag my group to Disney Tokyo which might seem weird but as an animator and a big kid I have only experience Disney very young and wanted to have a little childhood indulgence. It was fantastic. They celebrate Disney in a way only Japan could. Every person was dressed to the nines in Disney memorabilia. Groups of girls as Minnie, boys as villains and babies in such cute costumes that my broodiness almost became a problem, that sounds weird but wait until you see 27 babies dressed in little fat dumpy duck costumes including little waddling tails and you will get the idea.

I had a memorable and fascinating time in Japan. Id go back in an instant for a thousand million reasons that add up to the fact I feel I could be happy there.
If time and money werent a problem, Id be living there right now.
Japan, you felt a little like home.

Fashion fit for Japan

I have often dreamed of going to Japan. Not just because of Lost in Translation or my love of Plum wine (Mmmmmm plum wine) but because it seems like such a bustling and alive city.
Next week this dream will become a reality when I get on a plane and whisk my way to the land of the rising sun.
The rough plan so far is:
Day 1: Sumo
Day 2: Disney
Day 3: All things cute and crazy at the Anime part of town!
Day 4: Mt Fuji
Day 5: Rockabillys in the park and fly home.

As you can see it involves a lot of girlie cuteness and fat men in suits.

Planning what to wear on my travels as been an arduous task. I see Tokyo as the fashion capital of the world where anything goes so in honor of that Im going to wear and try all the things I am always to scared to do.

1.     Bowler hat.
Anyone that knows me well will at some time or other heard me rant about my love of bowler hats and how sad it is they have disappeared. So I bought one in a Korean market and it is ready and waiting to be worn on the trip (every day apart from Disney day of course, that days reserved for crazy Minnie ears!)

2.     Vintage dress.
I miss Vintage things. Here in Korea its been impossibly hot, So hot that all my clothes are shrinking. Also its just horribly humid and not suitable for my clothes BUT in cool and autum-ie Japan I can wear some of my favorites.

3.     Bright colors.
I get scared of bright colors. It took me years to wear nail vanish let alone a pink dress but this holiday Im making it happen. Pink dress ahoy.

4.     Knee high socks.
I think everyone has an item they buy but never wear. For me this is the knee high socks. I have bought countless pairs with a mission to wear them, only to find that I chicken out but not this time. I shall be a knee high wonder in Tokyo.

5.     Red lipstick.
Although I wear red lipstick a lot at night I am fearful to put it on in the harsh day light but this is all about to change. New country , new rules.

Tokyo, I cant wait to be in you!!!!!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A little glimpse of Tokyo

Hello hello.
I'm back from lovely Japan and boy did I fall hard for that place.
Not just the city was fantastic but the culture, language and especially the people.

I need to write up and get photos together properly but it was a fantastic place.
This was my personal favourite place.
Ice cream and burlesque. Doesn't get much better than that!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Film review: How to Marry a Millionaire

HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIREOn a rainy Saturday evening there are few things better than sitting down with a good movie.
This Saturdays film was
How to Marry a Millionaire.
I'm ashamed to say that although iconic I had never seen this movie. I know....please don't throw too many things at me!

The movie, if you aren't familier, is about 3 woman who decide to find the perfect rich husbands after little success with poor fellows.
The films cast is fantastic: Marilyn Monroe (of course)
Lauren Bacall
Betty Grable
How To Marry A Millionaire

The clothes alone are worth watching this movie for. Marilyn's tight fitting dresses (including my favourite costume of the film ) are perfect and encompase the era perfectly.

The film starts with a full orchestra playing for 5 minutes. Even on a small laptop it was easy to feel that I was in a real orchestra with the fixed camera and the long intro.

The film then shows the three woman on a kind of crazy mission to bag a rich guy. The movie is filled with crazy morals that I'm not sure would work in a modern movie but all is forgiven in movies from yonder year. It almost feels like you are getting a glimpse of the real era.

I especially liked the movies portal of Saudi Arabia in Marilyn dream, I've lived in Saudi and I can promise you, its not like that! betty grable & marilyn monroe how to marry a millionaire 1953The 3 woman end up traveling around America only to discover that they would rather be happy than with a millionaire. (of course!)

Lauren Bacall is the only lady who is set to marry a Millionaire and complete her mission but she has to continuously fight off the attentions of a scaly wag David Wayne that seems to be as poor as they come.

In the end she stops her wedding to marry the man she loves, only to discover that he is infact the man of her dreams in more ways than one.

My favourite part of the film is Marilyn's fantastic comedy acting. She is meant to wear glasses but as we all know 'Woman in glasses don't get mens glances' heehee oh the 50' odd you were.How To Marry A Millionaire
Its a great rainy day movie and one i'd recommend. It does how ever make me want to put on my prettiest dress and run to the local (and only ) Jazz bar in Daegu for some wine and romantic times.

Fingers crossed this week I will get to live out that dream.

Thank you Lauren, Marilyn and Betty
You made my evening.
How To Marry A Millionaire

Thursday, 12 September 2013

What would Zooey Deschanel Wear?

Recently I have discovered a fantastic website

What would Zooey Deschanel Wear!

It sounds silly but it is a fantastic inspiration , especially for someone who is very far away from Western fashion trends.

It has become my new secret weakness. I've started looking for inspiration before work and even started compiling a 'wish list' from the site.

I've mentioned my 'girl crush' on Zooey before and I love her style so this site is my new 'Pinterest'.

Seeing the site made me step back and look at my wardrobe. It's dire! A lot of it doesn't fit me recently so instead of doing something about it I've been mopping ,which involves eating junk which not only is wiping out my funds but also stopping me wearing even more of the pretty things I own.

So it has to stop. As of today I have my new mantra.

"Don't waste it, wear it!"

If I don't buy the pizza that costs $12 I can buy a hat or a belt or even some shoes and dresses in the cheaper shops here.

I need to get in ship shape and start channeling the woman I find inspirational when it comes to fashion:

So my new ladies to look up to in the fashion world are: #fashion #zooeydeschanel
Zooey Deschanel
Beach wear Grace Kelly style
Grace Kelly

Girl Crush: Gene Tierney
Gene Tierney

Seriously cute pixie cut
Carrie Muligan
Audrey Hepburn style dresses on sale - My Fair lady inspiration
Audrey Hepburn

I also have been looking forward to winter. Its going to be chilly enough for scarfs, hats and lovely jumpers.
So in this vain this is what i'd love to buy when I have saved my money from those junk food fiends, It's very 'Zooey' inspired:
Image 1 of Lipsy Mini Heart Print Cardigan
This cardigan : Lipsy £25.00

Image 1 of Glamorous Skater Dress in Paisley Print
Dress with brown belt  and blue suade shoes : £28.00 for dress and heels from

Monday, 2 September 2013

Lady in need of cake

*Note to all of those abroad*
Never, ever, ever watch 'The Great British Bake Off' if you do not have access to :
. An oven
. Butter cream
. Real cake!

I'm so hungry and missing baking.
Blueberry Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cupcakes by Your Cup of CakeLIKE? REPIN & Follow @Pin Terested Rich fudgy brownies filled with caramel kisses. Out of this world good.