Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Its a Wonderful Christmas

As everyone else will tell you, Christmas really is a lovely time of year.

Everyone is planning on seeing friends and family. Eating good food and dancing like crazy people.
Theres something magic about wrapping up warm and all of the fairy lights everywhere.

I am a big kid but I am normally smiling from start to finish at christmas.

I am feeling extra lucky this year as I wasn't meant to be in the uk this winter. My plans to move abroad to Korea in August fell through (and by gove i'm glad they did). Im now leaving in feburary but i'm so glad I have been allowed to spend the time with my family.

Last week I was lucky enought to find some tickets to a local cinema showing of 'Its A Wonderful Life'. Although I am a lover of all things christmas and old hollywood I am ashamed to say I have never seen this film. This is even more of a shocking fact when you know that my surrogate grandmother is Jimmy Stewarts first cousin!!!Her grandson looks exactly like him and entertains me for hours with his ridiculously good impression of him.

So sitting down in a old cinema to watch this film was a big moment.

The red curtains opened and I think I may have cried the whole way through. From pure happiness and sadness. It truely is the most magical film.

George Bailey is my new hero and my new favourite moment in a film is definitely:
"Is this your bad ear George? I'll love you forever George Bailey."

I'm home with my family with the tree up and the mince pies open and it feels like a truely wonderful time. My family are particulaly special to me and spending time with them is always side splittingly fun. All we need now is my brother to arrive from Scotland and we will have the whole team.

(in the meantime my sister, mum and I will have to make do with another viewing of 'The Muppets Christmas Carol' and 'Elf'...oh poor us :D)

Merry Christmas everyone! (old family photo)