Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A night with Woody

I'm extremly excited. I have a night with the house to myself which if you know me is an profoundly rare thing.
A large portion of time has been devoted today to decideing what I will do with the time.
But after a lot of thought ....Its a Woody night.

 I love Woody Allen. I don't really know what it is about his films. I'd blame my personality on them but I am an extreme late comer to Allen's way of being.
So Manhattan and then the lovely Annie Hall

 Of course this will be combined with copious amounts of salted popcorn (my addiction) and a bottle of truly wonderful pink lemonade.

 Unforuntaly I am in a money rut so to speak so I will be avoiding the take away menus for the time being. "Sigh, Chinese I miss you already!"

Anyway this is a pointless little post but I will review the films for you crazy people that may not have watched them....if you happen to exsist somewhere out there.
Happy Wednesday everyone. Woohoo!
(images not my own)