Thursday, 27 June 2013

June in Pictures

When I haven't been teaching...

I've managed to go on some lovely walks.

Get a fancy Korean hair cut.

and most excitingly ...visit BUSAN!

There was lots of weird dancing (Drink induced)

Buddist temples...

more dancing (of course)..

and a weekend on the beach...

that was a little busy!

To relax we headed to a local, incredible spa..

we take our face masks and spa very seriously.

We rode bikes (well posed with them!),

I rubbed my first real asian budda belly,

and ate amazing cupcakes.

I dragged some lovely people along for the ride (the guy on the right...I think?!?)

tricked pretty people into posing for photos..

(See I did it again!)

Visited a temple on the sea.

and basically just winged it.

and thats been June so far.

to sum up , Temples and....

Tipples! x

Beach music

Now and Then Swimwear... retro inspired bikinis and swimsuits

I'm a huge fan of the original version of this song but I'm going to download this version to listen to on the beach next month. I love it!
Happy Thursday

Retro Beach Fashion - The Anthropologie April 2011 Lookbook Stars Jeisa Chiminazzo (GALLERY)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday Quiz

So its a monsoon-ie Friday here in Daegu and I discovered this old quiz so I thought Id have a go. Feel free to copy and give it a go yourself:

Name: Tania Lorraine Vincent (My middle name use to be Danger as it was changed by my uni friends as a present through deed poll but when my new passport arrives I will be back to plain old Lorraine, which is weird enough as a middle name)
Age: 27 (but only just)
Birthstone: Emerald
Hair colour: Mousy weird brown until it goes near sunlight and its reddishIm like gizmo, bright lights change me.
Dream hair colour: I wish blonde suited me. I would love to be a Grace Kelly platinum.
Hair idol: Betty Draper or Jessica Rabbit
Clothes idol: Betty Draper and Joan from Mad Men, Audrey Hepburn, Zooey Deschanel and Carry Mulligan.
Favourite movie starlet: Rita Heyworth, Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly or of course Marilyn.
Favourite movie for a rainy day: Anything from the 40s to 60s. When its raining out you cant beat Some like it hot or North by North west. Unfortunatly it feels weird watching Its a wonderful life in the summer but I would if I could.
Favourite movie for a girlie night: When Harry Met Sally or anything we can dance around to.
Favourite musical: Singing in the rain or Les Mis.
Favourite TV show: So many, Im a TV fiend. At the moment its Game of Thrones, 30 Rock, Louie, Smash and Im re-watching Mad Men and New Girljust because! Im also starting Star Trek the original series to replace the hole Thrones has left.
Last movie you saw: Cloud Atlas and I loved it! Im a sucker for fate.
Book you are reading: I just finished Cecelia Ahern, 100 names and it was wonderful but it was the only book I brought so I have a void to fill.
Favourite childhood book: Matilda. It was read till the cover fell off and more after that.
Last thing you bought: Tiramisu latte (yum) and vanilla yellow Oreos.
Top of your shopping wish list: Contact lenses. I love my glasses but I need choice and would love to see while on holiday.
Current favourite item of clothes: The cheapest and best dresses Ive ever found. 6,000 won each (about 6 dollars)
Go-to make up item: gel eyeliner but my favourite item to wear is red lipstick.
Favourite thing about spring: Cherry blossoms and dresses.
Favourite thing about summer: Iced drinks and being outside.
Favourite thing about autumn: Scarfs and kicking leaves.
Favourite thing about winter: Christmas, red cups, films and home.
If you had a theme song what would it be?: Footloose
Dream man/lady: Gene Kelly, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Jon Hamm or Louis Theroux
Favourite item of the opposite sexs clothing: SUITS! Why dont you boys wear them more. Especially with braces and a good hat.
Favourite vintage purphase: A nautical top I found here in Korea. I think its late 60s and its fantastic.
Favourite place: So many, my living room at home, especially on games nights, Ogmore Beach with my mum, Bed, Airport departure areas, train stations, Gilbert Scotts, Waterloo Bridge over the Thames and New York.
Favourite bar: Gilbert Scott in Kings Cross London or Proud Cabaret in London.
Favourite food: Chow mein noodles are up there but all Thai food and Chinese food is delicious . Then of course all bread and cheese but the winner will always be salted, butter popcorn.
Favourite drink: Porn star martinis, Sweet potato lattes or hot vanilla milk.
Country you want to visit most: There really is too many to answer this but Indonesia and Taiwan for the lantern festival is definitely next on the list.
Dream job: Animator, writer for animation or portrait and wedding photographer.
Nightmare job: Middle school Teacher: P just kidding, there are a million things worse. A call centre trying to sell people things would be up there.
Do you have any pets: No but I love animals and have never had one. I want to get travel out of the way before I become covered in animals.

Last song you danced to: The theme to 30 Rock last night. Yes its weird in my house.
Favourite song to dance to: Footloose, Call me Maybe or anything stupidly cheesy .
Current bug bares: Mosquitos and word trying to change all my spelling to American English!
Current favourite things: Weekends, lay-ins, messages from home and jimjimbangs. (naked Korean spas.more on this later )

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Mr Stewart

Life can be so fast paced here that its sometimes easy to exhaust yourself.
I had fantastic plans for tonight but I just couldn't face another evening of crazyness.After a long night that ended in daylight Friday and a Saturday of exploring the humid markets (which were full of the weirdest things you can imagine, including a butchers selling live toads :S ) I was ready to rest.

I came home to get ready to go watch some rugby, saw my bed and realised a night of rest was going to make me a happy camper.

So I popped to the local make up store and bought a face mask, hair mask and eye mask. I coated myself in all Korean mixtures possible that seem to have magical properties, cooked some noodles and watched one of my favourite men, Mr Jimmy Stewart.

The Shop Around The Corner (1940) Is a beautiful movie that shows Jimmy as his best. It was remade a few years ago by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan 'You've got Mail' but the 1940 version just has such a lovely feel to it. Old movies make me feel so happy. They are always filled with such simple ideas and brilliant characters. A world away from crazy Daegu thats for sure.

Fingers crossed my relaxing Saturday means I might actually wake up early and experience the incredible wonders that Daegu has to offer.

Betty's Back

Betty's Back!!!

I love Mad Men but I have to admitt that I was a little sad to see Betty at the start of this season let herself go and become so depressed(and have brown hair :S).
She was still beautiful but Betty had always been someone I wish I looked like and an excuse to stare at some pretty (Yes I am completly evil saying that but sometimes prettiness, especially 50's-60's-70's is needed after a long day).

Here she is in all her fantastic amazingness. Now all she needs to do is look at her personality and she'd be a fantastic lady.