About me

Welcome to my Blog. This is my little home away from home. Its the corner of the internet that I get to babble away as well as share the lovely things I see on my travels.

I am a vintage nut. I love all things 30s, 40s, 50s and recently all things 20s and early 60s basically its safe to say Im a vintage lush!
I love the music, the atmosphere but most importantly the people I have discovered that also share the same passions.

Random facts

1.       I live in South Korea. This is still new to me but in Feb 2013 I made the giant leap and moved to the other side of the world. I am originally from South Wales and have lived in Manchester and London since I left university. I love London with a passion but the pull to travel became too much.

2.       My degree is in Animation. Although Im a teacher in Korea my passion and what I will return to without a doubt is animation. Ive wanted to be an animator since I was 7 . I worked in the industry for 5 years after uni but decided that if I didnt make use of all these traveler visas before I was 30 Id always kick myself. Drawing and animation are still a passion. A good animated film gets my imagination running at 500 miles an hour.

3.       My middle name use to be Danger. As of this year I am no longer referred to as Tania Lorraine Danger Vincent but when I was 21 my housemates forged my signature and changed my name by deed poll. It was a fantastic thing to have attached to my name for a while but unfortunately I didnt renew it. Luckily for me they choose Danger. For a while they were going to get rid of my whole name and just call me Tits McGee!

4.       I love popcorn. I love it! American cinema popcorn is my favorite food. I miss it out here in Korea but they have an alright alternative. I will one day buy an old circus popcorn machine for my house. This might be because the Cinema is one of my favourite places to be (this may play into the fact i can eat popcorn in the dark) but i love films.old and new and the cinema lets me turn my brainbox off and relax

5.       When I was 12 I lived in Saudi Arabia. Its completely random but I was there for almost two years. My family lived on a compound and we saw some pretty strange things. I saw some pretty weird things and Im glad I did it.

6.       I hate Jelly Beans. I feel I may be the only person on the planet that does but I Hate them. Texture, taste, smell, just everything about them. I realize that people love them and I understand that but they have fast become my arch enemy over the years. Any sweet that is gritty and comes in fish flavor is not a friend of mine

7. I love RETRO/vintage GLAMOUR!!! its a secret fetish of mine. Stockings, lovely ladies curls and red lipstick. it all combines to a winner. If I had the confidence (or the talent) i'd be a burlesque/cabaret star.

8. The Muppets are easily the greatest inventions of all time.
My mum (one of the greatest woman on the planet) loves them and luckily introduced me to them at an early age.
Who doesn't love a Snuffleupagus!!!

9. Tattoo's!!! they are an addiction and I want more. More I say!
I have two little ones now but I might become a walking doodle pad if i get the chance. Living in Korea that doesn't allow Tattoo's has made the urge to have them even stronger.

10. This year I finally started Roller Derby! I've wanted to for years and i'm loving every second of it.