Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Camden Saturday

This weekend I snuck down to the lovely camden. 
After some Pie and Mash (Mr B tries to get me to have Jellied Eels everytime we go but I will never give in. Anytime the advice is 'then you pull out the spine' is not a food i'm willing to try) 
We had a wander and saw some of the best odd balls around. Camden is definitley the place to go to find the best fashion, weirdos and food. A weird mix but it some how works. 
Luckily for my bank I haven't been paid yet or there were a few Wiggle dresses I had my eye on.

Favourite things of the weekend: 
Costa Vanilla latte's, Lemon Cake and Lie ins...ahhh empty weekends with nothing to do are easily the best.

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