Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Girl Crush / film review of the month

I get made fun of a lot because I fall in love with girls at random. 
Now that sounds like the first line of a seedy novel but what I mean is that I see a girl and fall in love with her style, their hair, shoes or most of the time their singing/dancing skills. 

I've also combined this blog with my film review. Since I fund my local cinema with all the tickets I buy I thought I'd write about them when I get a chance. But for this month I have combined 'girl crush of the month' and my old favourite film. '500 Days of the Summer'

Living in London has made this happen a lot more often. This weekend my two favourite friends came down and I showed them the lovely sites of Portobello Road. We spent most of the day pointing out lovely dresses and all fawning over bits and pieces we can't afford. When it came time to go home and get ready for a night on the town I made a horrible mistake.
I mentioned '500 days of Summer' and was absolutely astonished to discovered they had not seen it.

To me this is as big a crime for a female as you can get. Its under not seeing 'When Harry Met Sally' and one above not putting flat shoes in your bag on a night out. (this might be my own private rule but its a good one. Ask my poor deformed feet)

The first time I saw '500 Days of Summer' I was mesmerised. I couldn't absorb each frame enough. I loved the music , the cinematography and especially loved the story. It was so lovely to not have a traditional film. I love a rom com as much as the next ice cream loving lady but it was just refreshing to see a different perspective.

I should summarise what the films about in case you crazy people haven't had a chance to see it yet:
A girl called Summer , a extroverted, Strong willed and detached young girl ,meets a boy called Tom, a shy, romantic and emotional boy who falls madly in love with her. We follow a chopped up story that cuts to different points in the relationship and shows the difference and similarity's between the start,end of love or something like love. It shows the opposite views of a relationship two people are sharing together.

It is also one of the first rom coms that caused great discussions with my friends. I could sympathise with the weight of ones happiness being on your shoulders and how hard it can be to be the bad guy but I also felt every second of Tom's (Joseph Gorden-Levitt's character) Pain.
My one friend had sympathised with  Joseph Gordon-Levitt  character so much that he punched a pillow with anger.
any film that makes you punch a pillow and feel something so strongly has to be great. Marc Webb the director does such a fantastic job of combining reality and the delusions of love and the expectations that come with a new relationship. He manages to bring the audience into the story and join the fantasy without confusing us. This is harder said than done. The last film I saw that did this so brilliantly was probably Ferris Buller. You hold your breath during the film. Hoping for the best even though you are told from the get go to expect nothing. How he does this while still making you like the desperate, sad and sometimes hurtful character traits that all people have is compelling viewing.

My initial reason for seeing the film was because of my current girl crush on the naive yet worldly wise Zooey Deschanel. She has a cute yet completely graceful and grown up feel about her that makes me wish I had such poise...and her hair.I'd like her hair...oh and her wardrobe. Not that I'm asking for much.
I was first introduced to Miss Deschanel through 'Elf' which also happens to be a fantastic film. (and its almost near enough to Christmas for me to get it out)

Her voice was like silk. Just lovely. Ella Fitzgerald and Peggy Lee combined. It is in truth how I wish I sounded and it encouraged me to get out there and sing again so it was a firm foundation to go on. Her band 'She and Him' with guitarist and producer M.Ward is going from strength to strength and carries on making my day better. If you are having a bad day or are on the bus with nothing to listen to then put this on and you will have a smile all the way home

Anywho, back to the film.
The colours of the film are stunning. All pastel blues and lovely black sketched lines. I would kill a man for her flat 

The clothes in the film really are stunning. It made me think that I can actually wear dresses like this in public and not just buy them and chicken out of wearing them. Whether my bank agrees this is a good thing as I have now bought a lot more of them but if anyone knows of good sites that sell similar dresses PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!

The film made me happy. Its not exactly a happy story at all times but it is real and shows that likable people don't always do likable things.
This was Marc Webb's directoring debut and he is definitly on my list of directors to watch.
It has all the heart of a woody allen film with the touching loving relationships of a Rob Reiner classic. A new director has finally arrived to show us what his town has to offer and I can't wait to see more.
but for those of you who haven't had a chance to see it yet (or those who have) here is an extra little video that was made along side the film
Enjoy and Happy Tuesday xxx  Click here

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