Sunday, 13 January 2013

Waist Training

Waist training is something that has appealed to me for a long time. I am a avid fan and follower of the London Burlesque scene as well as the international one.

The tiny waists and lovely silhouettes are not only extremely sexy but very empowering.

Wearing a corset is purely for me. No one knows its there, It helps my back problems and improves my posture.

The idea to actually start waist training instead of just wearing one occasionally was something I researched thoroughly.

People instant reaction is 'You'll need ribs removed', 'It stops you being able to breath'. 'It will squish your organs'.

Firstly all of these are myths.

There is no such procedure as having your ribs removed. The bottom ribs are made to adjust. They move with your torso. Years of people hearing about rib removal have caused this myth to be a firm idea in peoples minds.

I have read on peoples blogs that it reduces your breathing capacity by 60%. This again is a complete fabrication. If you were an extreme corset (and by extreme I'm talking over 4 inches of difference) you would at the most experience 20% diminished breathing capacity and that's if you went for a jog, not just walking around your home. Lastly is the myth it will destroy your organs.

Most medical problems caused by corsets were experienced years ago by children wearing them. Corseting is something that is meant to alter the shape of your body so it shouldn't be done by someone whose body is still growing. I would recommend waiting until 21 to start but people like Dita Von Teese have been tight lacing since 18 and are fine.

Your organs are made to shift. Wearing an extremely tight corset will make your organs move less when they would if you were pregnant. Years ago people were very malnourished and had short life spans. Men died of organ diseases such as ruptured livers and dislodged kidneys as much as corseted woman.

 Medically there is no proof that waist training does any harm if done correctly. It is similar to drinking alcohol. If done in exsess and done constantly it will harm you but that could be said of weight training or many other things. In moderation and with the correct method waist training is perfectly safe.

My waist training corset is a steel boned, 6 clasped under bust model from and I love it. It was in their sale so was a bargain.

My rule while training is its not a race and I'm only doing it for me so if one day I want to take it off after one hour instead of two, so be it.

Listen to your body. you wouldn't run 26 miles the first day of marathon training so don't expect your body to preform miracles.

Without my corset I have a 26 inch waist which I am happy with anyway. Like I said, corseting should be about wanting to do it for fun and not expecting it to be a weight watchers substitute.

When I put the corset on my waist is 27 inches without it being pulled in.The corset adds inches because of the metal boning. My aim is 24 (Then i'll have monroes measurments :D)

My tips would be:

1. Wear a top or vest under your corset - This is a great tip as it stops chaffing of the skin and is comfier.

2. slightly tighten, wait 10 mins then tighten again- This has been the best tip I've received. A new corset is like new shoes. It takes time to get settled. The material needs to stretch and relax. For the first week I am hardly tightening it for 10 mins. Your body gets warmed up and it is much easier and comfier to tighten. About half hour later I might tighten it a bit more.

3. Don't rush! - my schedule is 2 weeks for 2 hours, 2 weeks for 3 hours and then slowly gaining 'wearing time'.

4. Results disappear - so you've worn it for two hours, you are happy to take it off (and believe me, taking it off will feel amazing for the first few weeks). You measure your waist and dance around when its gone down by two inches. A few hours later you go to show your friend and you are back to your original waist size. Waist training isn't a fast process but it is fun and if patient those effects will last longer.

5. Some days you don't want to wear it - then don't! its your body and you need to be comfy.

6. Moisturise after wearing - this will make sure you don't have any marks and yours skin stays soft.

I hope these tips help you guys. I am still a beginner and only wearing it because I love how it feels.

I hope these tips might help some of you.I'm in no way an expert and I understand that there is such a huge vat of research that I may have missed a point or two. I am just giving my humble and mostly silly opinion

Day 1 without corset
Day 1 with corset

Day 5 
Day 7 24 inches


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    1. Thank you so much! I love your blog too :)

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  3. Thanks for that nice tips, really there's a way to feel beautiful and comfortable without pain :). I love corsets, they are also an elegant clothing.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you so much waist trainer. I haven't updated for a looong time because I've moved countries and the heat here is something that definitely makes waist training harder. I may have to do a follow up soon :)

  4. It’s really difficult to get into, because your body is not used to it. However, it doesn’t really do harm as some people think.

    1. I completely agree Elaine. I think it's like everything from yoga to running. Too much , too soon is dangerous. Thank you for your comment and happy lacing ^^

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