Thursday, 27 June 2013

June in Pictures

When I haven't been teaching...

I've managed to go on some lovely walks.

Get a fancy Korean hair cut.

and most excitingly ...visit BUSAN!

There was lots of weird dancing (Drink induced)

Buddist temples...

more dancing (of course)..

and a weekend on the beach...

that was a little busy!

To relax we headed to a local, incredible spa..

we take our face masks and spa very seriously.

We rode bikes (well posed with them!),

I rubbed my first real asian budda belly,

and ate amazing cupcakes.

I dragged some lovely people along for the ride (the guy on the right...I think?!?)

tricked pretty people into posing for photos..

(See I did it again!)

Visited a temple on the sea.

and basically just winged it.

and thats been June so far.

to sum up , Temples and....

Tipples! x

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