Saturday, 1 June 2013

Mr Stewart

Life can be so fast paced here that its sometimes easy to exhaust yourself.
I had fantastic plans for tonight but I just couldn't face another evening of crazyness.After a long night that ended in daylight Friday and a Saturday of exploring the humid markets (which were full of the weirdest things you can imagine, including a butchers selling live toads :S ) I was ready to rest.

I came home to get ready to go watch some rugby, saw my bed and realised a night of rest was going to make me a happy camper.

So I popped to the local make up store and bought a face mask, hair mask and eye mask. I coated myself in all Korean mixtures possible that seem to have magical properties, cooked some noodles and watched one of my favourite men, Mr Jimmy Stewart.

The Shop Around The Corner (1940) Is a beautiful movie that shows Jimmy as his best. It was remade a few years ago by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan 'You've got Mail' but the 1940 version just has such a lovely feel to it. Old movies make me feel so happy. They are always filled with such simple ideas and brilliant characters. A world away from crazy Daegu thats for sure.

Fingers crossed my relaxing Saturday means I might actually wake up early and experience the incredible wonders that Daegu has to offer.

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