Friday, 27 September 2013

Tokyo, I heart you.

What can I say about Tokyo? Simply put, it felt like home.
That isnt too say it felt like South Wales because two countries have never been further from each other but it did feel like my London. I only lived in London for two and a half years but every moment of it was amazing.
London as a city has life and is relaxed at the same time. Its a confident place that feels like its grown up over time. It feels like a city thats had its crazy teenage stage and is content in its late 20s.
Tokyo felt the same. Shops looked like they were established; people knew where they were going and had confidence in how long they needed to get there. The buildings were old but stupidly clean and you could see the pride its residence had in their home.
I fell in love the second we stepped onto the subway.
The airport was a throw back to the 70s. As my friend put it its what we thought the future would look like in the 70s which is a perfect description. Coming from super doper modern Seoul airport to this little concrete building was a bit of a shock but then we got the subway and hit real Tokyo.
Ive heard people complain about the Tokyo skyline but for me it looked like it was designed. Each building was well spaced and picturesque. IT was more like a lovely painting than something I believed was in front of me.

I liked it but the quirks of the city and its people are what made me fall head over heels.
Their individual style and differing personalities made every subway journey a new adventure. The cos-play kids blew my mind with their detailed costumes and the hipster crowd was elegant in their tailored suits. There were even a few old men in Hawaiian shirts that made my day.
Korea is still in its very first steps of economical boom so its hard to judge but in Korea people have more of a group mentality. A trend is done by everyone and I mean everyone, men, woman, children and teens. There are a lot of similar looking people on the streets. Korean woman are stunning so they are dressed in clothes that enhance this but it was nice to look at someone and know a little about them from their attire.

I wont bore you with the actual ins and outs but lets say there was good food, amazing sights and a lot of fun had. Sumo is something Id recommend to everyone. It involves a lot of pageantry but it was fascinating and a throw back to exactly how it would have been a 100 years ago (apart from woman could watch obviously).

I did drag my group to Disney Tokyo which might seem weird but as an animator and a big kid I have only experience Disney very young and wanted to have a little childhood indulgence. It was fantastic. They celebrate Disney in a way only Japan could. Every person was dressed to the nines in Disney memorabilia. Groups of girls as Minnie, boys as villains and babies in such cute costumes that my broodiness almost became a problem, that sounds weird but wait until you see 27 babies dressed in little fat dumpy duck costumes including little waddling tails and you will get the idea.

I had a memorable and fascinating time in Japan. Id go back in an instant for a thousand million reasons that add up to the fact I feel I could be happy there.
If time and money werent a problem, Id be living there right now.
Japan, you felt a little like home.


  1. That last picture of the dogs in a stroller...I just can't. So cute.

    This is a great post! Looking forward to reading many more.

    1. Thank you so much :D Your blog is fantastic!