Friday, 27 September 2013

Fashion fit for Japan

I have often dreamed of going to Japan. Not just because of Lost in Translation or my love of Plum wine (Mmmmmm plum wine) but because it seems like such a bustling and alive city.
Next week this dream will become a reality when I get on a plane and whisk my way to the land of the rising sun.
The rough plan so far is:
Day 1: Sumo
Day 2: Disney
Day 3: All things cute and crazy at the Anime part of town!
Day 4: Mt Fuji
Day 5: Rockabillys in the park and fly home.

As you can see it involves a lot of girlie cuteness and fat men in suits.

Planning what to wear on my travels as been an arduous task. I see Tokyo as the fashion capital of the world where anything goes so in honor of that Im going to wear and try all the things I am always to scared to do.

1.     Bowler hat.
Anyone that knows me well will at some time or other heard me rant about my love of bowler hats and how sad it is they have disappeared. So I bought one in a Korean market and it is ready and waiting to be worn on the trip (every day apart from Disney day of course, that days reserved for crazy Minnie ears!)

2.     Vintage dress.
I miss Vintage things. Here in Korea its been impossibly hot, So hot that all my clothes are shrinking. Also its just horribly humid and not suitable for my clothes BUT in cool and autum-ie Japan I can wear some of my favorites.

3.     Bright colors.
I get scared of bright colors. It took me years to wear nail vanish let alone a pink dress but this holiday Im making it happen. Pink dress ahoy.

4.     Knee high socks.
I think everyone has an item they buy but never wear. For me this is the knee high socks. I have bought countless pairs with a mission to wear them, only to find that I chicken out but not this time. I shall be a knee high wonder in Tokyo.

5.     Red lipstick.
Although I wear red lipstick a lot at night I am fearful to put it on in the harsh day light but this is all about to change. New country , new rules.

Tokyo, I cant wait to be in you!!!!!

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