Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Going home - a brief interlude

Tomorrow I will be heading off on my first long haul trip across the world. Its extremely daunting and its taken a huge amount of time for me to get this trip on the road but now that its happening I am a little dazed and confused.
I will be leaving Korea for 7 days to go to the UK. It will take 3 days to travel back and forth so I have 5 lovely days at home to see my family and to see my friends.

I have traveled a lot in the past but the longest flight I've taken on my own is an hour so this 12 hour flight is a little scary. I never use to be scared of flying but the older I get the more crazy it seems. understanding physics makes physics seem more impossible some how.

I am sure everything will be grand. I will get my complimentary drinks, watch great movies and eat lovely food (yes I love airplane food). I will get off the plane, get a bus home and hug my family. It will be amazing to see them all and I can't wait to make memories with them.

I have been lucky enough to receive and early birthday present from the lovely Lee so I will be able to take Polaroids of my friends ad family and share their beautiful faces with you very soon.
I was trying to describe to someone why I love Polaroids.
I think its a bit like travel. Its a individual item that is a second of memory. Only you have it and it helps you remember the experience. Its real and although I love my digital SLR I love watching a photo develop.

I think on such a short trip like this keeping hold of the memories will be extremely important.

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