Friday, 28 February 2014

Run Fat Girl Run..

Today a horrifying event occurred. I got signed up for a 10k run.
I am not a runner. A runner is a special type of person of which I am definitely not.
To be a runner you must posses 3 characteristics:

.You must be healthy
.You must be fit
.You must be determined

Unfortunately I barely scrape by on one out of three requirements and even that is questionable.
I am un-healthy. It is true. I don’t like it and I am aiming to get out of the rut I’m in but at the moment its so busy here that its just easier to grab fast food and much cheaper. Vegetables in Korea are so expensive . You get them in bulk that you could never eat before the expiration date and you can only afford one type. I don’t know about you but eating 18 carrots and nothing else isn’t my idea diet. There are ways around this which I’m researching. It is a poor excuse but this year I have just relaxed and enjoyed my time, and burgers.  This has to change.

I am un-fit. Fitness is something that has always just been out of my grasp. In my mind I’m a fit person but in practice I push myself too far. I love fitness which is the ironic thing. If I find a fitness I like then I can work at it no problem. A few years ago I became obsessed with boxing. It was the first time training felt easy. I did it twice a week and I was an addict. My brilliant trainer was a girl named Randi from Norway and she whipped me into shape but when I left the uk I let myself fall into old patterns, namely the pattern on my sofa.
I try to do sit ups as much as possible (when I remember) and have just started a few monthly challenges but as always something got in the way, such as pizza and I got so busy that they fell by the way side. I am planning to pick them back up on Monday. The newest craze for me though is yoga. I’m in love. If I could do boxing and yoga every week I’d be a fitness freak. Unfortunately time, distance, my lazy behind and money are factors but factors I’m going to have to step over.

This brings me to the last point. Determination. I did write above that I almost had one point covered and this would be this. I really do want to be fit and achieve something like a run but I barley run for the bus let alone 10k so I don’t know how I will cope. I am hoping that signing up and training with friends will be the push I need to get me moving and motivated. The annoying thing is once you start its easy. You just need to stick with it until its routine. Of course this is easier said than done but fingers crossed I can put a 10k on my list of achievements.

6 weeks is long enough to train for a 10k right ?!?!?
Excuse me while I buy every piece of known running gear, read every fitness blog and hide in the house until my friends drag me onto a running track.
Here goes nothing.

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