Monday, 22 April 2013

A relaxed weekend

I love the weekend. It is a chance for this (above) and for sleep.
I feel slightly guilty every time that I don't run around and do crazy things on weekends. Since I am half way across the world it feels like I should be absorbing but after a 65 hour week and a LOT of screaming kids its nice to now and again have a relax.
I met up with friends and saved the bar man a trip. This place is a great place to take friends. You just take your bottles up to the bar at the end of the night. They even have baskets for the likes of us british people that drink quite a few bottles.

The next night it was time for Shabba Shabba , a fantastic new discovery. Vietnamese food that istantly became a favourite. It involves putting your veg and thinly cut meat into a fanastic tasting broth. Once you feel you might pop its in with the noodles and the porriage.

The gang then headed to a few random bars and kept ourselves entertained until we hit upon the crazy idea of a night club. Night clubs in Korea are basically massive raves. You can't hear, can't see and there are bodies everywhere. It was fantastic. We danced until it was light then danced some more. 

The next night it was time for some quality time at home with the first season of HBO girls and pizza. It was perfect and needed after a night that ended at 6am.

The only thing we were craving this weekend was a film but with Korea only having one British film a month we had to make do with the memories of their delicious popcorn. After all its filled with Love, Happiness and Touching.

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