Monday, 8 April 2013

First Vintage Korean Purchase

It finally arrived. Pay day!
It was a very anticipated and rewarding day for all of the new recruits here in Daegu.
Everyone ran to take pictures and print out pictures of their bank accounts as we are now all millionaires. Only in Won but who cares, the principal is kind of the same.

I desperately needed clothes. I know ladies seem to say this a lot (and a lot of blokes I know too) but I really did.
I was allowed one suitcase for the year and it was mainly filled with laptops, home comforts such as pictures and sheets (since they dont sell sheets as we know it in Korea) so my clothes, especially the pretty vintage ones, were put into storage.
A lot it seems have migrated into my sisters closet for safe keeping?!
I did bring a few choice pieces but mainly things that will work for a Korean teachers wardrobe which mainly translates as Dont show chest at all.
I am so sick of wearing the same clothes that when payday came I ran out to the shops as fast as my in need of new shoes feet could carry me.
I had spied the vintage section of town while out traveling in my first week and I was intrigued.
All were basement shops and all were huge! Packed to the rafters with hundreds of different items. Lots of 70s and 80s but a lot of the stuff in their was easily adaptable or made in the 80s to look 40s which out in Korea is good enough for me.
As well as pretty things I have been looking for practical comfy things. Being an animator in the UK meant every day was jeans and t-shirt if I wanted so I tried to dress up but here is the exact reverse and Im craving baggy jumpers and t-shirts.
I found a few purchases that will keep me entertained for a while.
A fantastic 70s denim shirt, A stripped long sleeve top perfect for my K-pop classes (more on this later!) and a lovely double zipped black pencil skirt.
I was in clothes heaven.
The greatest thing about all of these finds was that they were stupidly cheap.
Clothes in Korea vary. You can go to underground malls and get lovely clothes for dirt cheap or you can go to the Lotte department store and spend the equivalent of 50,000 dollars on a fur coat. 
This shop was really great and luckily had a changing room (another rarity around here) to help me pick what suited me best.
I did arrive in Korea realizing my style was already 60% Korean. They love peter pan collars, they love bows and dots and they love quirky designs. All in all I am almost mistaken for a Korean daily. This isnt helped with my dark hair and massive glasses which although unique even in London are common place around this area.

I never expected to find this area in Korea but I love exploring it. Who knows, I might have more vintage purchases here than I did in the UK,
I have already taught some Koreans to Jive on nights out and Im looking into Lindy hop classes. The newest purchase I made was last night and it was a lovely electric curling iron so now theres nothing to stop me getting my Heyworth on. This place is the vintage home away from home.

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