Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Let’s make- up.

This is the first time in my life that I have disposable income. The terror of not having money still hangs in the air. I go to a shop and the second I buy anything, even bin bags I feel guilty.
This month was my first pay check so I forced myself to splurge.
I marched myself into the make up shop I’d read all about online while I was in the UK and filled my basket.
Korean Make up is like magic. I have no idea how but every item does more than it says on the tin (not that I can read the tin of course).
The best item by far was the nail varnish. I have learnt to wear nail varnish over the last few years and I’m addicted to it now. My nails don’t feel right unless and Elmo red adorns them. My problem though is that I have never been able to wear colors that last even a day. I held out little hope that this varnish would be different and by Jove I was right!

I can finally wear nail varnish for a day or two without a chip. It’s a miracle, especially since it’s actually cheaper than all of the UK make up brands.
The face creams I have bought have already started to make a difference. My poor tired eyes have more lines than a student’s detention book. I know the lines are from smiling so I don’t regret them but it can be annoying to look about 50 in all photos.
The firm eye cream I have has made a difference in only a week. It was cheap and makes me feel more awake when I put it on.

Since my first purchase was such a success and since I brought so little with me I think my fear of spending money will quickly fade. Since buying the makeup I have already bought a wonder woman jumper and some crazy Konglish t-shirts. Next on the list: Heels!

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