Thursday, 4 July 2013

The ultimate

Its weird how some people can have points in their life they want to reach. I have things i've dreamed of doing my whole life. There are those perfect moments that are as fantastic as you always thought they would be.
Standing in Times square was one of them for me and my first days work in an animation studio was another (I went and did a little dance in the bathroom on my first day that I was so excited).
As I've become more girlie as i've got older i've started to appriciate the little things more and more. I love making situations pretty and as lovely as possible. Its the problem with being a member of the instagram, pinterest era.
There is one thing i've dreamed of for a while and that has been a bottle of this 


It's a pointless material item but there is something about sharing a beatiful moment with a glass of champagne. This bottle is something I could never dream of owning but I plan one day for it to be something I achieve. A perfect moment in a bottle thats had time spent to make it special.
I hope that I can drink it with special people too.

What are your perfect moments?

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