Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Things my mother taught me

I saw this fantastic post from ReeRee at Rockalily and just had to share with you the things I’ve learnt from my fantastic mother.
There are many more but here are the most important:

1.     Life’s not a rehearsal, this is it.

2.     “The clock of life is wound but once” – this is a quote she always says to us when we are scared of change, whether moving jobs, changing years in school or just struggling with growing up.

3.     Heart & Head – My mum puts this at the end of all her messages. It means I’m always thinking of you and I always love you.

4.     We all see the same moon – The moon will always be the same so no matter where you are we are looking at the same place. It has had a big impact on me and is the reason for my wrist tattoo.

5.     Dance – Dance like no one’s watching, dance every day, dance until you smile. My memories of my childhood have a lot to do with dancing. Not classes or professionally but just turning Michael Jackson up as loud as possible and dancing like maniacs. All my favourite memories are dancing. Whether with friends, family or on my own.
6.     Stomach in, shoulders back, hips forward – My mum is a gymnast and has fantastic posture. She has never made me worry about my body image but she has always taught me to stand gracefully and to have good posture. Stand with confidence and you will feel confident.
7.     No makeup needed – although I love playing with makeup my mum has never worn any. She sometimes wears lip-gloss but that is all. She has always made me remember that make up is to feel feminine and to wear for fun. It’s never needed to make you beautiful. If you wear it out of fear it will never hide what you want it to.
8.     Moderation – She has always been a great believer in the fact your body tells you what it wants. If you listen it will tell you when it’s hungry, thirsty and tired. She believes that moderation is the key so we will have pizza and popcorn for dinner now and again and its ok as long as you enjoy every single bite of it.
9.     Perfume is the secret ingredient – Although she’s never told me this lesson she has taught me it time and time again. When she goes out she sprays her perfume. Her smell and she is suddenly a different person. Her smell is her confidence. I will forever be reminded of her when I smell Yardly Chicque.
10.    You don’t need to get married – This is a very important lesson for me. My mum has always made sure I know that she doesn’t put pressure on me to get married. She wants me to be happy and thinks it’s crazy to marry someone you haven’t lived with.  She doesn’t mind if I do marry but she has always wanted me to be happy.
11.   Children and the secret to happiness – Although she doesn’t mind if I get married she is very adamant that grand children would be welcome and I don’t mind this. It makes me feel she doesn’t regret her children. In fact she loves us all so much she wants more of the same. She has never pressured me to have them early or start a family but she stands by the fact that being a mother is the greatest thing you can do in your life. I don’t know what my life holds in store but it’s nice to hear that it would be a welcome addition if I did give her a little person to care for.
12.   Always carry tissues and water.
13.   Keep carrier bags as you never know when you will need them.
14.   Lift with your knees
15.   Remember to breath - If stressed just remember to repeat “I am (breath in) calm (breath out)”
These are but a few of the things she has taught me. She also gave me my love of books, drawing, singing, photography and cooking. She is fantastic and I am extremely lucky to have her.

p.s Oh my gosh I forgot the best one that made me move to Korea.....'A year is such a long to waste but such a short time to wait'...love you mum x

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