Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How to not procrastinate your time away

first printed story
Learning something new.

When it comes to resolutions I can sometimes become addicted. I love learning new things and I have a thirst for knowledge. The problem is I've never had the time.

Things have recently changed meaning that I have an abundance of time due to a very weird job as an English teacher that allows me hours of waiting for classes.

Now my only problem is, what to do first?!?

I think that it would be a waste to finish this year and not have completed at least a small few things.

I have always thought I was a procrastinator and worried that I'd never accomplish anything but I've been so happy to realise that it really was just the lack of time I'd been searching for. If I can get off my behind and actually start being able to do things then please believe me, anyone can.

I had a few months between jobs a long time ago and I was so angry at myself because apart from watch all of Homeland I have no idea what I accomplished.

Then out of no where I knew I decided to travel. Making that decision meant I needed to do a huge list of things to make it happen and although it was the most stressful few months it worked. It was a weird moment to realise that if you do things, things happens (yes I'm slow on the uptake)

It was definitely my slap in the face moment.

I dedicated myself to finding a way to keep on being productive. I realised that putting myself in a working environment helps. If I can't get away with being lazy then I wont. If your friends or family can see your computer screen you are less likely to go on facebook for hours. I would also recommend very do-able to do lists. Make such easy steps that you can tick lots of them off because you need to start small.

Since moving to Korea I've managed to:

.Learn a lot more about Photography and editing,

.Learn Hangul

.Finish a short animated sequence

.Maintain and write blogs

.Write for two magazines.

.Written 4 chapters of a childrens book

That above list makes me stupidly happy and I can't believe I've done so much in 6 months but I now need to push myself to a new level. I'd like to say it was hard to change my routine but unfortunatly it was easy. I say unfortunatly because I can see how much time i've been wasting.

So here is my new list of 'To do':

.Write another 4 chapters of my book

. Learn conversational Korean

. Learn a little German

. Learn a little Japanese

. Keep blog maintained

. Learn more about photos

. Read more

. Improve my drawing

. Go to the Gym more


. Create a new showreel

I think that life before children is a gift. I know I really want children and I feel that time is coming up stupidly fast (don't worry at least another 7 years) but still is my only time to be free.  I see so many woman online with many kids and businesses that were more efficient than I had ever been and I had no excuse. They inspired me to get up and about because it just seems to be a skill that grows.

Once you start to use your time well time seems to double, then triple.

I hope that you are making a list yourself.

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