Friday, 16 August 2013

Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo

I realize I should be as excited about this as I am but I have finally made an adult purchase and bought my first Ruby Woo lipstick.
I realize that this isnt an event everyone would get excited about but I have been dreaming of owning a Ruby Woo every since I was about 15 and I started delving into the vintage world of glamour.

I have mentioned on here before my past fears of bright colors on my nails so the idea of ever wearing red lipstick terrified me. I ventured into the lipstick world a year ago with the purchase of a Rockalily red and I loved it. Not just loved it, I was in love with it.
Wearing it made me feel like a million pounds. It was my secret magic stick that made me feel like a different version of myself.
I have to admit that to begin with Id put it on and run to the bathroom to wash it off the second I had it on but over time I came to feel comfortable in my own skin.
If people stared who cared since it made me happy. That was my biggest hurdle with wearing red. It was the fact I know that over 50% of men hate it. I felt weird annoying people but then I realize I shouldnt care. If Im happy then thats what should matter.
I wasnt wearing it for men. I was wearing it for me.

The first time I read about Ruby Woo was an interview with Dita Von Teese. I had to go on the internet (these were the days before Google!) to find out what this magical stick was.

I didnt get it as my first purchase because it is stupidly expensive in the uk. I wasnt expecting to fall in love with my Rockalily as much as I did but it is only occasionally released so I decided to bite the bullet and join the Mac ranks.
Its tough getting use to a new Matte lipstick but I love it.

So here it is. My lovely Ruby Woo.

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