Sunday, 8 January 2017

Vintage Sales. Where to go to look fabulous

It's January or as I like to call it 'my Vintage revival month'. Every year so many fantastic shops have sales that get me excited about clothes again.

Here are the places you should be raiding this month;

. Collectif - 50% off basically everything. I've never worn something from Collectif and not felt like a million dollars. I've just bought an excessive amount from here so the ret of you should get involved so we can all be dapper ladies this year.

. Corset Story- Thinking of waist training in 2017? Well now is the perfect time to nip those waists in and create some voluptuous curves with these waist training corsets. Head on over and follow my tips here for getting started on your corset training.

. Lulu Hun- this is a sneaky sale to list because it's also part of the Collectif sale , but their shoes are stunning and should never get over looked. Get those toes a tapping in 2017. The Dorothy red glitter heels are my particular favs.

So get shopping and let's enter 2017 in style.

P.s I'm not sponsored to say any of this , I'm just a clothes addict. Especially ones that make me feel like Joan Holloway.

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