Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Vintage Resolution

Well its 2014 already. I realize its been 2014 for most of you for quite a few weeks now but I took my Christmas vacation on the 1st of January and have only arrived back to my house in Korea so I am starting my resolutions and changes a little later than usual.
2013 was a year of change and adventure. I was whizzing around the world and turning my life upside down. Unfortunately when you are packing for a year, vintage clothing is quite heavy and I was scared to take a lot of it half way across the world. This didnt completely stop me and I did take a lot with me. The other thing I discovered when I arrived in Korea was that the extreme heat/cold means vintage clothing isnt that practical. (Trying to wear a corset and waist train in 100% humidity and 40 degree heat wasnt that enjoyable either)
So 2014 will be my vintage year. I have brought a lot of my favourite pieces over with me, lots of hair accessories, pin curl clips, rollers and holding spray. I know the weather now so I think I can master it a little better the second time around.
So my vintage mission for 2014:

. Stockings Stocking have fallen off my radar. I brought a few with me but they were all torn before the first month was through. Now I have a full supply. 

.Corset the waist training is back on. I loved it when I was doing it before so I am excited to get back into it. Ive also read that it goes hand in hand with my next number.

.Yoga I realize this isnt vintage inspired but its my new addiction and I cant get enough of it. I love how it makes me feel (and hopefully how it will make me look.) Im hoping to take some progression shots to see if I can actually improve over the next few months. 
Very very early progression shot.

. Hair Come what may THIS year I will master pin curls and a victory roll. I normally end up as a frizz ball so I really would love to master the skills of the 40
This magazine will send me in the right direction

. Heels I never wear them anymore and I use to love the feeling of getting dressed up so Im hoping to capture that again this year.

.Teeth some pearly white this year will make me feel classy in every era.

Lets do this 2014!
I need to get nice teeth so I don't have to pout like a fool in my friends pictures

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