Wednesday, 26 February 2014

La Vie En Rose

Today I watched the 16th episode of 'How I met your Mother' and at the end of the episode they played the song my boyfriend and  I have danced and listened to many times.
Years ago it was featured in Wall.e and I worried it would be taken by everyone so my instant thought when I heard it start in this TV show was OH NO OUR SONG! I invisioned thousands of couples grabbing it and it losing all meaning but then I listened to the ukulele version and I fell in love. Its silly really to hold a song dear. Surely there are thousands of people ,even millions who share it with us but I think sometimes a song can capture such a special feeling that to share it feels wrong. I've realised that this is crazy talk.Lee and I have known each other for a long time and had bumps along the way where we have both gone off and found ourselves and amazing other people but we somehow always find each other and this song will always be ours.
Its always a song i've wanted to sing to my kids so it was a lovely thing to watch. It might mean its more mainstream but if anything it just means i'll now here one of my favourite songs over and over.

So for those of you having a down day and in need of some cheering is:
La Vie En Rose on Ukulele

19 years ago (aged 7)

Us 12 years ago (15)
Us 7 years ago (aged 21) Somwhere Inbetween these two bottom pics it became our song.

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