Thursday, 9 May 2013


Today I turn 27. That sentence seems so alien to me.
I dont feel 27, I certainly dont act 27 and I really hope I dont look 27. When I was younger 27 year olds looked like Mums. When I think of 27 I imagine an adult and I sure as hell am not one of those.

As a child of the 90s my 27 year old references were characters from shows such as Friends or Sex in the City. These days I suppose it would be shows like New Girl. None of these characters that I watch feel my age.

I suppose the way to see if I have achieved these characters age is to look at their traits:
1. They are mostly irresponsible
2. They dont get youthful references that young people throw at them.
3. They drink a lot of coffee.
4. The dance like fools.
5. They spend more time with friends than family

Hmmm after looking at this list I might have to conclude that actually I have reached their ages as this list is basically my daily schedule.

This also makes me not feel so bad about being 27. Characters like Rachel from Friends, Jess from New Girl and many others were all people I hoped to be one day. I may not have their hair or their clothes but I have their age. I suppose thats a step in the right direction.

When I look at 27 a bit more closely I have to give in that its not that bad. I have a tinge of youth still slightly lingering and all the benefits of experience but still the energy to enjoy things.

Hey, maybe this 27 lack isnt all that bad. 


  1. Happy Birthday! I can't relate to most of these characters...but I was married and had 4 little ones by the time I was 21. It was sheer craziness but at 31 I now feel like an old lady LOL.

    Have a fantastic day and age is just a number. You are where you are in life. Enjoy it!

  2. Thank you so much! You sound like the bravest/luckiest person I know. I imagine it's lovely having been young with kids. You can actually run around after them. By the time I have them i'll be too old and lazy :)