Thursday, 9 May 2013

So long 26

As I near the end of what has been a whirlwind of a year it is easy to forget how much has happened in a such a short time.
I think this year has been one of the biggest upheavals Ive ever faced and yet it has felt smooth.
This time last year I was living in North London. I spent my evenings in an office animating my heart out and praying that my contract would be extended. I spent my weekend absorbed in pretty vintage clothes shops and lazing around in parks but I still pined for travel.
Moving to live in Korea was obviously one of the biggest choices I made in the year but so much amazing stuff has happened.
I thought I would spend a little time recapping some of my favorite moments of my 26th year on this lovely planet:
. Moving to Korea
. Visiting Rome
. Visiting Scotland
. Brighton
. Drinks at the London Piano bar
. Drinks on the Thames
. Burlesque classes
. Kpop classes
. Making new friends from all over the world
. Snow Day
. Picnics in Regents Park
. Seeing the Queens jubilee
. V&A costume exhibition
. Grease Future Cinema with my girls
. Celebrating Stephs engagement
. Leaving party with the Bridgend boys
. Random night in London with Bowditch
. House party in Kentish town
. Learning to bake a chocolate cake
. Learning to bake fudge
. Seeing the Crazy Horse
. St Patricks day for the Grand Slam
. Christmas at home.
. Driving to Wales with a very full car
. Can I list Rome again?
. Turning up to a run down ruin of a hotel in Greece
. Buying my camera
. Drinking Prosecco alone in heels at Heathrow airport.
. Boxing classes with my Norwegian power house of a friend Randi
. balling my eyes out at the Casablanca future cinema
. Dinner with Jacky before leaving Wales
. Sunday dinners and hugs with my Grampy Jack
. Cupcakes with my sister
. Dancing all night with many crazy Italians and home made prosecco
. Dying hair blonde for 3 days
. A very special and important phone call I had from my brother
. Watching Its a wonderful life in the cinema.
. Drinks in the Savoy
. Learning to wear skyscraper heels
. Embracing red lipstick
.Getting massive glasses
. Being a published writer.
. Interviewing a Dreamworks director.
.Seeing Danny Devito
.Finally feeling happy in my own skin.
Favorite film: Its a Wonderful Life
Favorite song: either Call me maybe or Gangnam Style (just because you cant not smile when they are on)
Favorite drink: Prosecco or homemade eggnog
Favorite food: Crumbly fudge or Stuffed crust salami and cheese London local pizza
Saddest moment: walking away from Jess in the tube station or realizing Ill miss Christmas this year...also my camera broke so I have a lack of pictures for the year.
Happiest moment: too many to count but dancing in that Roman bar with my favorite person to Nat King Cole quesas quesas quesas is up there.
Main thing Ive learnt: Its okay to be me.
26 was a great year and I learnt a lot.
Namly that I am a stress head, travelling isn't hard once you commit and also that squid goes well with wine.I can't wait to see what 27 has to offer.

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