Wednesday, 29 May 2013


There are few things in this world that make me happier than listening to old music and getting dressed up in vintage clothes (except maybe drinking fancy cocktails and dancing my socks off with friends to said music).

Charleston done right!
Greta the original 1920's beauty


So when I heard that the Great Gatsby was being made into a film I was over the moon. I was annoyed that the decks would be filled with 1920's lovers who had never known of its existence before the movie but I would put up with it for an excuse to sit in a cinema and listen to some big band tunes.

Polaroid of my favorite person and I dressed for a 1920's party

 Unfortunately that's not what happened.

In Korea this film has just come out so I understand I am slightly behind on the times but...It was so bad!

It completely missed out on its greatest asset. The environment. It took an elegant yet crazy time and turned it into a modern hip hop rave.  The flash colors and tacky gold made the strong art deco look tacky and blingy. I understand where Baz Lurman was trying to go with this but unfortunately I think he missed a trick.

The saving grace for this film was some great acting from Leo (who I'm normally not a fan of ) and this one song:



If the whole film had been modern music done by big bands I think it would have been perfect.
I'm not saying it was the worst film in the world or anything as films are quite rare in cinemas out here but I was disappointed that I didn't get to see some of the things I associate with the beautiful 20's. You did get to see men in impeccable suits which is always a reason to stare at a screen.

I suppose you might have to tip your hat to Baz Lurman for some how making the Charleston look like rave dancing. I still don't really get how he did that?! It was an inventive film but slightly missed the mark.

My advice to anyone who liked this film would be to read the book and start researching the actual 20's as you are in for a treat.

I have to admit though that I did leave the film wanted to cut my hair into this 1920's bob. A little extreme but amazing if you could pull it off (damn you Mulligan).

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  1. Ah I know, that haircut is just for SOME people. I have been wanting to see that movie so bad!