Friday, 31 May 2013


I have finally started to get into my Cecila Ahern book 100 names. I love her books so much but Im trying to not devour it too quickly as I have a holiday coming up and no other English books to occupy my time. You cant have a beach holiday without a good girlie book after all.

Big Band EraListening
Although Im not a fan of the film I have been listening to a lot of the Gatsby album. Normally this just leads to me listening to Big Band music for hours on end. I love big band music. Its such a full and enjoyable sound. It makes me wish I was on a stage somewhere singing my heart out.

Rubbish! Cooking here is so expensive compared to eating out. It makes a lot more sense for me to just go to take away places but near my house I only have one or two and Im completely sick of it. I am craving Chinese food from home. Mmmmm actual black bean sauce !

Anything but beer. One on a Friday is fantastic but after a long weekend of nothing but Cass and Hite (two bottom of the rung Korean beer brands) I am craving Sangria, wine, cocktails and anything thats not ass flavor. Plus I have put on so much weight since arriving in Korea. All the girls have and Im sure its the beer effect. Most girls here like beer but would get something else at home whereas here its so cheap that its the main option (plus the excessive amount of going out we happen to do doesnt help).
I have been dreaming of pretty champagne floats filled with prosecco. I am planning that my summer holiday will be filled with prosecco and coconut cocktails, well a girl can dream.


Im still well and truly hooked on Louie. I think Louis C.K is one of the funniest men around and definitely the greatest dad on television. All kids deserve a dad that funny and switched on.
I have also become addicted to How I Met Your Mother. The people here love the show so its been hard to only slightly understand their references (as Ive seen it on telly a lot but never dedicated myself to the mother cause). Its really romantic and silly but a great evening viewing.

Trying and failing to get my Iphone to work in Korea. The hassle I have had has been stupidly ridiculous. I have a contract now but it still isnt working. I know theres a fix out there somewhere but hell if I can find it. I have already wasted a good few hours making it work and Im almost ready to call it quits. Fingers crossed I will crack it this weekend.

I am trying to stop thinking. I have spent the last few years forever worrying. What about this person? What will happen? Are they ok? Its exhausting. I have spent a great deal of time over the last few years with a knot in my stomach that makes me feel ill so Im happy to finally feel Im letting go of all that stress. I havent made everyone happy and I definitely havent always known my own mind but here I am happy and ready to relax so thinking is being pushed to the back burner. I am a here and now person (well at least for this week).

Looking forward to

BUSAN! Its a Korean beach city that was my first choice of location when I was moving here. I decided on Daegu as a 2nd choice and Im so glad I did as I love it here but I cant wait to see the famous beach city. We are all going for a long weekend that we have coming up here in Korea. (Long weekends. I love you.)
There is a sandcastle festival and a concert on the beach in the evening as well as some fireworks. I think its going to be a great weekend.

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