Friday, 24 May 2013

A beautiful moment continued....

A few months ago before leaving for Korea I was at home packing when I had a few missed calls from my brother.
My brother is 4 years younger than me and a fantastic guy. He has managed to look after my little family and put up with all of us girls for years. He has probably seen more girlie films than a man should have.

His missed calls worried me instantly as I worry anytime I have a few calls from a family member so I urgently rang him back. He has his cheeky voice on which has been reserved for Christmas mornings when he gives me crazy presents. When he was 12 he gave me a box in a box in a box ending up with just a light bulb.
Anyway this cheeky brother of mine gave me some exciting news. He was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him.
I am not married myself and I don’t think it will happen any time soon but I was over the moon. My heart leapt into my throat and I danced.
Meg his girlfriend is the loveliest lady. She is from Seattle and has been loved by my family from the second we have met her.
I think we knew we loved her when she accidently hit a toy sheep and whispered ‘sorry; to it. She was instantly good enough for my brother.

I had dreamed of things like this moment. I think you imagine the day your brother or sister will be married or what the person they are with will be like so to have that phone call took my breath away.
I had only dreamed he would care enough to tell me. Let alone ring me and tell me in advance. I have spent months excitedly waiting to hear the details. I knew he was going to hire a photographer, that he’d asked her Dad’s permission and that he was flying to Seattle. Her visa to move to Britain should be finalized in July and I can’t wait to hear how she spends time with my lovely family.

That email (at 3am) ‘She said yes’ made my heart sing and I couldn’t have been happier.
I know that the future is unknown and that the world can be hard on people but I am so glad they have each other. I hope they spend every day remembering that they wake up for that other person and that they are made stronger by that other person and never put down or made to feel small.
I hope my brother makes her as happy as she deserves to be and vice versa. Life’s to short to not spend every day making someone happy.
I think my brother will be a fantastic husband and Meg will make a fantastic Mrs Vincent 

My brother and I

The beautiful Meg and Craig

The sweetest couple

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